Our History

SEEWIND Windenergiesysteme GmbH was founded in the pioneering years of the wind energy technology, back in 1991 by Mr. Gerd Seel, who is still the CEO of the company. In the early years, the company designed and constructed own SEEWIND wind energy turbines. In total 93 turbines were erected. SEEWIND is still servicing the productive existing fleet.

The first SEEWIND turbine was built in October 1990. In the timespan between 1993 and 2002, the number of 85 turbines type SEEWIND 20/110 and type 25/132 and 8 turbines type SEEWIND 52/750 were installed.

The global distribution of the SW 20/110 and SW 25/132 turbines was as follows: 37 in Germany, 7 in Austria, 7 in Poland, 4 in North Korea, 1 in South Korea, 2 in Turkey, 25 in Italy, 1 in Belarus, and 2 turbines were installed in France. Even today, many of the SEEWIND turbines installed in the 1990s are still in operation.

From the year 2000 on, SEEWIND Windenergiesysteme GmbH began to reorganize away from investing more in R&D for the turbine itself and specialised in the planning, design and in the construction of foundations for wind turbines.

The first SEEWIND wind turbine from 1990 at the Walzbachtal site is still in operation.

Priority of the company is the struggle for efficiency

Agile and straightforward oriented teams bring the speed into the projects. Time planning and a well-structured program supports the efficiency and reduces the average length of stay on site.

Good machinery increases the working speed

The best selection of equipment satisfies our staff creates identification with the company. It favours the will to go for the last mile when the time is short.

We love clean energy, the Renewable energy

As one of the pioneers in the renewables SEEWIND keeps up their mind-set of saving resources. In all of what we do the question how to get more with fewer resources is on top of the list.

Our Numbers

More than 30 years of experience gave SEEWIND the chance to build a stable customer portfolio. Our gained knowledge and the flexibility of our staff allow us to satisfy their most particular need. Some of our customers have been found through the daily business activities; others have followed the advice of colleagues and have trusted us for all these years. It is this trust of our customers in SEEWIND which is the great success for our team. THANK YOU!

Foundations built with solid reinforced concrete structures

Both deep and raft foundations for even the tallest wind turbines and with adopted piling solutions to the different subsoil situations.

Years of company history

Being perfectly networked in the renewable energy market throughout the decades provides process safety and sustainability for the company and the customers.

SEEWIND manufactured turbines installed

The race for increasing hub heights and rotor diameter implied capital intensity which limited the number of turbines manufactured and cleared the way after the year 2000 for specialization.

Countries of business activity

From across Europe over Belarus to the Korean peninsula (both North and South Korea) and hopefully more to come in the next future.

Our Customers

Wind Turbine Manufacturers, Utilities, Wind Farm Operators, Owner Groups, Investors …

Client Testimonials

Our clients say it best. Read what they have to say about their experiences with SEEWIND

It took many good deeds to build that good reputation

… and we are eager to keep it.